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December 1914

Letter from Gunhild to Vincent Tuesday  Dec 1st                                                                                                … Continue reading

November 1914

Vincent’s War Notebook November 1st Shelled all day by our own Art. as well as enemy – bad position – 4.30 hear Germans entrenching and talking 150yds in wood in front – Engineers come up make barbed wire entang. / gun in wood / bright moon in our faces / retire back to wood midnight. … Continue reading

October 1914

  Vincent’s War Notebook Sunday Oct 4th Fatigue cleaning up ground Beaulieu Road Station : Ross’ grey horse. Orders to leave / saw 9 motor in camp. R 1/2 Dep 8.45 L 1/2 Dep 10.00 arr Southampton Letter from Vincent to Gunhild 4th October 1914 Dear Gunhild, I do not know yet whether I am … Continue reading

Introduction: Vincent and Gunhild – written by Gunhild

Vincent’s family and childhood. Vincent was his parents’ fourth child and only son, and his arrival on the 29th November 1889 at Saumarez Park in Guernsey was greeted with infinite joy. His father, John St. Vincent was the great Admiral’s fourth son, and the unusual Christian name derived from his godfather Admiral John Jervis, the … Continue reading

Editor’s Notes

To commemorate the centenary of the start of the Great War, I thought it would be apt to make available the letters and accounts that I have mustered concerning my Grandparents, St. Vincent and Gunhild, in the year 1914. The intention was to collect all the material together and make it available for the family, … Continue reading